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Comprehensive solution concepts

The right system – perfectly integrated into your process

When it comes to cooling, air conditioning, heating or retrofitting low-emission energy solutions, you can rely on the expertise of our experts. Our broad field of expertise enables us to take a holistic view of complex challenges, from energy consulting to specific system planning. Taking into account individual factors such as buildings, production machinery and processes, we develop customized solution concepts. Through intensive consulting, we set the course for the successful outcome of the project right from the start.

Energy consulting with energy hybrid - this is how we proceed

  1. Establishing contact, drawing up a requirements profile
  2. On-site visit, inspection and assessment of the production facilities
  3. Development of a concept and preparation of an offer
  4. Examination and application for possible subsidies
  5. Technical planning and implementation from a single source
  6. Evaluation as well as long-term support and expansion
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We advise you in the following fields surrounding cooling, ventilation and energy


Cooling systems and process cooling

We first check the technical design of the machine to be cooled. We then determine the cooling load by means of measurements and submit a suitable solution on the basis of all the evaluated data.


Exhaust air and ventilation systems

Once the design and piping dimensions have been determined, we also check the sound emission values. Depending on the requirements, we design everything from necessary filters, silencers and fans up to the entire ventilation system including control and regulation.


Air and room conditioning

What are the requirements of your production? Decisive factors are room temperature, room humidity, air quality and CO2 values. The examination of all conditions and demand values leads to the creation of a concept for ideal room conditioning.


Heat recovery

Which areas of your production have surpluses of energy? Which areas require additional energy? Where can we create synergies? Solutions for heat recovery lower your energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions.


Compressed air generation and optimization

Noise pollution and high waste heat are a common problem with air compressors. A water-cooled compressed air system tailored to your needs provides the solution that allows compressors to operate in any space.


Cooling and heating system optimization

Are you having issues with your existing heating or cooling system? We will work out new heating systems for you that offer an increase in performance, cost efficiency and also environmental sustainability through components such as heat pumps.




Do you need more information about one of our systems? Would you like to request an individual solution? We are gladly available for you at any time. Simply contact us by e-mail, phone or use our contact form.

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